Doctor of Management

Program Description

The doctor of management (DMgt) degree is designed for professional individuals who are seeking management knowledge and skills from the general manager's viewpoint. Coursework, research and the doctoral project help students to harness the organizational development process for creating innovative solutions to 21st Century challenges. Our target market is people who seek post-master's level expertise in the area of management, and our market segments that we serve/aim to recruit are those who seek: career advancements, consulting opportunities/positions and those who desire teaching as a second career.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Synthesize and apply relevant theories to explain domestic or global market phenomena.
  • Demonstrate linkages between theoretical findings and the practical application of those findings. 
  • Identify and justify a novel research niche, design ideas, propose hypotheses and appropriate methodology, and conduct a rigorous study.

Dissertation Learning Outcomes

  • Show mastery of relevant literature and be able to field questions using extant research findings.
  • Demonstrate mastery of research methods.
  • Provide logical arguments based on theoretical support.
  • Provide a comprehensive literature review on the relevant constructs and provide meaningful connections between the literature and the student's current research study.