Master of Finance


This Master is intended for finance professional looking to widen their skill base, or students who have made a professional commitment to pursue a career in the finance industry and who have studied finance in an undergraduate degree and are interested in equipping with the most comprehensive array of analytical tools and techniques. This Masters of Finance could be a stepping stone to one of the most sought-after careers in the finance sectors broadly defined as corporate finance, security analysis, portfolio management, options and futures, treasury management, the functioning of financial institutions and markets, and financial decision-making.

With Master in Finance, you will gain comprehensive training and highly marketable skills towards a privileged position in the finance industry. Master in Finance provides our postgraduate students a solid understanding of financial management principles and their application to corporate financial policy, as well as financial markets. Graduates of our master’s programme in Finance will have the capabilities to work in professional settings by applying the skills and specialized financial knowledge they gain throughout their course of study.