Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Is engineering fascinating to you? Have you graduated with a Bachelor's degree, and are you looking for further qualifications? Are you creative and flexible, and are you looking for new challenges? Are you tempted by international studies?

If your answer is yes, this is the right study programme for you!

It is new and different. Our approach is a strategic partnership between the students in the programme, their universities, and the industries. Our goal is to prepare you for the new challenges arising in an increasingly globalised world.

It is the strong intention of this study programme to involve companies in the process of education and research. Furthermore, students are strongly encouraged to take responsibility for their own studies. Therefore, the majority of Master's thesis projects are written in the industry. You will apply early and independently for an external thesis topic and benefit from company contacts in the second and third semester seminars. 

Two specialisations are provided:

"DESIGN" In international business, you can only survive by proactively facing the challenges and managing the future yourself. The development and design of successful products and solutions for the market is a key success factor in business worldwide. It is one of the major foundations for the strategic market position for industry in the future. This is where the Design specialisation has its focus, as students are taught to think beyond horizons and limitations and learn targeting application technology that meets all relevant requirements - technical, social, and environmental. "MATERIALS" Materials have always played a major role in the development of new technologies. They will be a key factor to a successful orientation of mechanical engineering in the future. In the past decades, there has been permanent and progressive growth in the area of polymers and ceramics. These specialised engineering materials increasingly supersede classical metals in machines and equipment. Thus, the improved components become lighter and more easily assembled, and innovative solutions are created that would have been impossible in the past. Therefore, the Materials specialisation focuses on polymers, composite materials, and metals.In addition, students can research and finish their Master's theses in the field of surface sciences.