Bachelor of Accountancy

Develop sought-after accounting skills and prepare for certification

Thanks to global business opportunities, dynamic regulatory environments, and industry acquisitions and consolidations, the face of accounting has forever changed. There’s a growing demand for accountants who can handle industry complexities and provide value to their organizations. Fortunately, this means more opportunities for accounting graduates  highly respected online Accounting degree can help you capitalize. The Accounting major  provides the full range of skills employers desire in such areas as financial reporting and analysis, managerial accounting and cost management, tax accounting, auditing and accounting ethics, and financial management.

Gain hands-on accounting experience with project-work and tools of the trade

You’ll be introduced to industry-standard software packages for the application of spreadsheets and flow charting, enabling you to take an active role in creating impact systems and processes as they relate to the accounting function.

And in your final accounting class, you’ll take part in a business simulation assignment in which you’ll collaborate with a small student audit team. You’ll participate in analyzing a set of financial statements, investigating the numbers, correcting the statements, and reporting your group findings. This integrated assignment gives you important experience in applying technical insights and communicating them clearly and concisely - attributes very attractive to employers.

Admission Requirements

A student who meets at least one of the following criteria is eligible for admission as a degree-seeking student: 

  • Has provided official documentation of graduation from an accredited high school or its equivalent or 
  • Has an associate, bachelor or master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education, an institution recognized as a candidate for accreditation, or an institution recognized by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation