Bachelor of Business Administration


In today's globalized world, where competition among businesses is at an all-time high, there are very few careers in which a comprehensive knowledge of business isn't revered. The best business administrators are equally talented at managing numbers as they are at managing people - they're leaders, strategic thinkers, creative problem solvers and innovators.

Studying Business Administration at Santander University will allow you to develop your skills in accounting, business, ethics, management, marketing and strategy, all of which are key competencies you'll need to succeed in today's dynamic global business environment.


  • You'll develop a broad skill set suitable for a range of roles with national and multinational organisations.
  • Flexible unit choices allow you to follow your interests.
  • You can combine this course with another to focus on areas, such as accounting, law or organisational psychology.
  • You'll have opportunities to get real-world experience with leading Australian organisations through internships, as well as the option of studying overseas with partner universities.