Bachelor of Computer Science


The Bachelor of Computer Science is a  three-year degree program which offers exposure to the various components of computer science. This program provides a solid background in all areas of computer science and other subject areas allowing for an enriched general education.


The Bachelor of Computer Science is a four-year degree program. This program enriches the broad, theoretical and practical knowledge of the general degree with in-depth advanced theory and practice. Various specializations in computer science are offered in the following areas:

    • Artificial Intelligence: Includes topics such as logic and symbolic programming, search techniques, knowledge representations, planning and natural language processing.
  • Multi-Media: Emphasizes WWW, visualization, networking, database, and human-computer interface. Courses in computer science can be integrated with communication studies and visual arts in a powerful, exciting package.
  • Networks & Security: Provides training for students pursuing a career in network design and administration, software systems design and construction. Emphasis is in theoretical and practical aspects of networks including network security, as well as advanced topics such as multimedia networks, mobile computing, optical networks and ad-hoc networks.
  • Game Development:  Built upon core computer science, this specialization enriches the experience with a focus on topics relevant to computer game development such as artificial intelligence for computer games, graphics, multimedia, team-oriented game development and a game development capstone project in the final year. This program provides a solid foundation for entry-level positions in the rapidly growing game industry and related industries.

The area of concentration will be annotated on the student's transcripts upon successful completion of the required specialized courses.