Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics


The objective of the program is the training of professionals in Nutrition and Dietetics with a high sensitivity and a critical and reflective thinking about the problems of nutrition and food in Panama, which contribute to improve the habits of the population and thus the health of the population. national collective.

Profile of the graduate

The graduate of the Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics will present the following competences:

  • Know and understand information about Food and Nutrition.
  • Evaluate the nutritional status of healthy and sick individuals and collectivizes in order to protect and restore health.
  • Schedule dietary regimens for sick individuals and communities, following medical advice.
  • Advise, plan, organize, direct, supervise, evaluate and audit Food and Nutrition services in Public and / or Private Institutions and Food Plants.

Entry requirements:

  1. Bachelor of Science.
  2. If you have studied abroad, you will present translations of the Documentation and proof of equivalences.
  3. First and second cycle credits duly authenticated.
  4. Two passport size photographs.
  5. Health certificate by an accredited doctor.
  6. Proof of vaccination (tetanus, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles and hepatitis)
  7. Copy of the identity card