Bachelor of Science in Education

The primary goal of the Bachelor’s Degree program in Education is to provide foundations preparation for a variety of roles as an educational service provider. Students will explore the major tenets of both domestic and international education systems. Survey of the historical, social, and philosophical implications of educational practices will provide a substantive foundation for students who wish to fill instructional roles.


  • Evaluate historical, social, and philosophical tenets of primary and education in regions around the world.
  • Analyze the relationship between primary, secondary, and post-secondary education systems around the
  • Describe major theories and research on educational practices in regions around the
  • Analyze proven and innovative instructional practices found to be effective in primary and secondary school
  • Describe effective classroom behavior management practices in primary and secondary school
  • Identify sound educational practices and protections for students with special
  • Discuss major topics related to educating diverse
  • Describe measurement of learning outcomes and relevance to effective educational
  • Reflect on one’s own teaching practices and attitudes toward
  • Describe professional communities of practice and implications for ongoing improvement of teaching
  • Prepare for advanced study in the field of education and many other graduate level degree