Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Marketing touches all aspects of modern living — whether it’s internal marketing in organizations or selling to sophisticated clients. The distinguishing feature of this degree is its emphasis on quantitative analysis. The demand is growing for marketing professionals who are proficient in using analytical tools and programs to analyze data to make better marketing decisions.

A 120-hour curriculum leads to a degree in marketing. All undergraduate degrees require a core of 42 hours. In the core courses, students learn theories and analytical techniques that can be applied to the functional areas of business, such as marketing.

In the core marketing courses, students learn and apply theories and analytical techniques to marketing projects, cases and exercises. To obtain a minor in marketing, students must complete the requirements for their major and take 12 hours of marketing core courses and six hours in marketing-guided electives. Key features include:
  • Faculty who have consistently obtained high teaching evaluations and awards and who have extensive industry experience.
  • Sponsored marketing competitions.
  • Invited industry guest speakers in courses.