Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a diverse and flexible engineering discipline. Mechanical engineers work in number of fields including design of machinery, controls, vibrations and acoustics, power generation, renewable energy, energy conservation, fluid flow and heat transfer applications, and air-conditioning. The program synthesizes math, science, engineering science, and engineering design. The program provides electives in several general areas, including thermal-sciences, mechanical design and manufacturing, robotics and automation, mechanical and environmental systems, nuclear engineering, aerospace engineering, and bioengineering. Students begin the practice of design in their freshman year and integrate it throughout their programs which culminate in a team-oriented capstone design project in the senior year. The program is geared to prepare students for the lifelong practice of mechanical engineering and for immediate entry to positions in industry or further studies in graduate schools. The department also offers the Integrated B.S.-M.S. program for qualified undergraduate students.

Learning Objectives

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering — Mechanical Engineering program has several objectives:

  1. Our graduates will apply acquired technical capabilities when solving engineering problems or in their graduate studies in mechanical engineering or other fields.
  2. Our graduates will use acquired professional skills to work effectively with colleagues and others in the workplace.
  3. Our graduates will demonstrate a sense of responsibility as a professional member of society.