Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering

Why study a Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering?

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of engineering that integrates mechanics, electronics, computer science and control theory. It is at the cutting-edge of creating smarter products, devices and processes.

Mechatronics engineers develop, improve and optimise products and their functionality. As a mechatronics engineer you will improve the performance, features and functionality of products like cars, aircraft systems, medical and surgical devices and dishwashers.

The processes and production lines used to make these and many other products are also mechatronic in nature.

The applications for mechatronics engineering are virtually unlimited and the need for professionals in this progressive field is very high and increasing.

Opportunities exist in nanotechnology, mining systems and processes, robotics and automation, aerospace systems and flight control, manufacturing systems and processes, intelligent systems for motor vehicles, software engineering, telecommunications, medical systems, bioengineering and many other developing fields.

Vast opportunities for research and development in the above areas also exist in academia, research institutions and advanced industry sectors.

Mechatronics engineers may also take on other roles in industry, in areas such as consulting, management and finance.