Degree in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging


Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging is a specialty of medicine based on obtaining images of medical utility for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, by using waves of the electromagnetic spectrum and other energy sources. The training of the Bachelor in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging will be carried out through a comprehensive process of participatory teaching learning, so that students perform the relevant actions aimed at developing professional skills to offer alternative solutions to the problems of practice Social. This will be achieved to the extent that the teacher puts into practice the pedagogical model, motivation, creativity, feedback of the student during the training process, transforming knowledge into evidenced learning that is consistent with the vision of building a more competent society committed and productive.

Profile of the graduate

The graduate of the University of Santander in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging will be able to perform in the areas of imaging and radiotherapy in public and private institutions of the General System of Social Security in Health of Panama and other countries, in the following occupational fields: Assistance, Management, Teaching, Research

Entry requirements:

  1. Bachelor of Science.
  2. If you have studied abroad, you will present translations of the Documentation and proof of equivalences.
  3. First and second cycle credits duly authenticated.
  4. Two passport size photographs.
  5. Health certificate by an accredited doctor.
  6. PA chest x-ray with corresponding medical report.
  7. Proof of vaccination (tetanus, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles and hepatitis b)
  8. Copy of the identity card