Medical Records Technician


The University of Santander Panama proposes the creation of the career of Technician in Medical Records and Statistics in Health offering the professional training of the Technician in Medical Records and Statistics in Health. Which will be characterized by offering the market a professional with solid technological knowledge, trained to plan and support the clinical diagnosis and the attention of the health team; carrying out actions to prevent and promote the health of the individual and the community.

Profile of the graduate

The Technician (a), in Medical Records and Health Statistics is a professional with mention with social sense, critical spirit. Must have socio-humanistic, scientific, technological, knowledge and understanding of the foundations that allow you to develop skills and abilities to act in the fields of promotion, prevention and promotion, able to intervene the relationships between the ecosystem and man.


When you graduate, you’ll be able to:

  • Implement research methods and foundation principles of public health for applied practice
  • Develop innovative solutions to complex health challenges globally and locally
  • Improve health outcomes through a strong command of data collection and analysis, intervention strategies, and communication methods
  • Create life-changing policies and practices to influence population health and health equity