Bachelor in Information Technology


Information technology (IT) diffuses into our working life, as well as in our everyday life, in many ways. This automatically results in a growing need for IT experts in modern society. We aim at producing experts who can help the large international companies and local players in their product development and technical applications related to IT. 

As an IT student, you will become familiar with certain programming languages, such as C and Java, as well as with some essential technical tools, e.g., IP applications, wireless networks, Internet programming, and a variety of embedded systems. The advanced professional studies focus on internationalization and teamwork in projects, such as our robotics soccer team. You will focus on technical applications from the practical point of view, keeping your feet at today, but leaning toward the future.

Occupational Profiles

A typical working environment is an energy-related industry, where IT engineers work in the field of design, marketing, sales or research. Further, an IT engineer typically works in production, product development and programming for electronic devices. IT engineers also build connections between electronic devices and data networks. It is quite possible to find oneself as an independent entrepreneur in the broad field of IT, too.

An expert in Information Technology

  • is versatile and entrepreneurial and possesses a logical power of deduction as well as communicative skills
  • acts in the industry of electronics and information technology, for example, in design, research, marketing, production or product development, as an independent entrepreneur or in international positions in export companies

Our degree program is divided into:

  • Basic and Professional Studies (140 credits)
  • Advanced Professional Studies (45 credits)
  • Optional Studies (10 credits)
  • Practical Training (30 credits)
  • Thesis (15 credits)

Each credit unit corresponds to about 27 hours of student work, on average. At our university, you may specialize in Software Engineering or Embedded Systems. We also offer a 10 credit module in Telecommunication.