Our Faculty


Our faculty at the Mariano Galvez University of Guatemala embody the kind of graduates they’re here to create. Sure, they’re innovators in their fields, department chairs on campus, and leaders in the academic and local communities. But most importantly, they are dedicated teachers, advisers, mentors, and role models to other students. Our faculty are instrumental in helping our students develop intellectual curiosity, social awareness, and the desire to make a difference in the world.We make it possible to change lives through education and research, while also maintaining connections with our alumni, students, staff, industry partners and many friends.

By nurturing and supporting those partnerships, we provide a coordinated approach to developing engagement and fundraising initiatives to continue the University’s groundbreaking research and to help our students achieve their dreams.


Our Faculty

Faculty of Engineering

Aaron Clark
Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering
Alexi Berry
Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering
Thomas A. Simpson
Master of Engineering Management
Lucy Wong
Master of Engineering in Mechatronics Engineering

Micheal Ray
Master of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Brian D. Baird
Master of Science in Civil Engineering
Tina William
Master of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Brandon Smith
Master of Engineering

Faculty of Business

Christina Martin
Master of Business Economics
Maria Ellie
Master of Business Engineering
Claudia Cardi
Master of Business Administration in Operations Management
Richard Parker
Master of Business Economics

Faculty of Law

Eva Maria
Master of Law in Legal Practice
Joe B. Martine
Master of Law in Criminal Law
Leanna Brooks
Master of Law in Forensic Medicine
Master of Law

Faculty of Science

John Aaron
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Ruby Joseph
Master of Science in Development Administration
Gatti Lauren
Master of Science in Education
Alexa Nielsen
Master of Science in Finance