Administration of Health Services Emphasis in Auditing


Program focused on the training of integral professionals with ethical and moral values, skills, critical judgment, practical skills, and with knowledge in the areas of management and management, which will allow them to perform in the planning, direction, execution, validation and control of processes of the audit of health services, giving solution to the social and economic problems of the health sector, visualizing opportunities and risks, which will make it competitive in a globalizing world.


Professional training in the Master's Degree in Health Services Administration with an emphasis in Health Services Audit at UDES-Panama is aimed at training leading auditors, consultants and researchers, capable of mastering the strategies and management of healthcare processes. health services of companies in the sector, promote the initiative in the identification of business opportunities that lead to the creation of these, and the development of Managerial skills for their effective management, due to the technological, administrative and cultural changes of the society and the world.

The Master in Health Services Administration seeks to contribute to the sector development of the country in general, fostering in its candidates the ability to lead, manage, promote and realize the ideas of creating health companies, improving the quality of health services and the integral productivity of service organizations, at the same time promoting skills for the strategic and efficient management of organizational and technological resources.

Profile of the graduate

The graduate of the Master of Health Services Administration with Emphasis in Health Services Audit will be able to perform in several dimensions of scientific, technical and methodological events. In this sense, it will be primarily a professional capable of advising and providing technical alternatives to the various investment possibilities, provided that the individual or legal entity has sufficient information and analytical tools to enable them to make management or management decisions. in the use of financial and capital resources.