PhD of Health Policy and Management

The PhD in Health Policy and Management programme is a 4-year research intensive programme in in the Department of Public Administration & Health Services Management. PhD candidates can be admitted at any time of the year. Students who do not have a background in Health Policy and Management or related fields will be required to take relevant MPHIL courses in Health Policy and Management in the first year before embarking on developing their PhD proposals and eventually writing their PhD these

The profession of health management covers a broad range of leadership and management appointments that continue to expand with the growth and demands of the healthcare sector. At University of Santander, our postgraduate students come from a range of disciplinary backgrounds in health and social care including nursing, social work, medicine, community development and human services work, business, human resources and information systems.

University of Santander’s postgraduate Health Management degrees equip you with the knowledge and skills to:
  • lead and manage health systems and services
  • lead and manage people working in health and social care
  • develop yourself as a leader and manager in contemporary and complex healthcare.