PhD in Business Management

Graduates of the PhD in Business Management will have research and analytical skills valued by multinational companies, government agencies, financial institutions, consulting firms, international agencies and non-profit organisations.

They will be leaders in knowledge development in business, management and organisation in the our country, and will be effective in translating theoretical understandings into effective practice. They will able to make significant and innovative contribution to the economic, social and organizational development of our country.

University of Santander’ s PhD in Business Management will suit professionals in commercial, public and non-profit sectors, blending the latest academic thinking with practice in a wide range of organisational, business and management contexts.

The programme emphasizes technical and academic knowledge alongside a view that management practice is best informed by research evidence and problem solving by investigation and testing.

The program is structured in two phases. In the first phase students will consolidate and extend their academic understanding of their specialist field, develop research competence, and put together a plan of proposed research. They will then undertake the research and report it as a thesis.

  • An accredited master’s degree
  • Proof of English proficiency. This is provided by EITHER a degree from an English speaking university OR TOEFL (paper based test 600, computer based test 250, internet based test 100) OR IELTS 6.5.
  • An initial 2000-word research proposal outlining the research theme, aim and objectives, possible gap/s and proposed research methodology
  • A Personal Statement of 500 – 1000 words outlining applicants’ individual competences and strengths and providing their reflections regarding the expectations and value of the programme as well as to their personal advancement and career development
  • Letters of Recommendation – Two recommendation letters from individuals who have known the applicant in their educational or professional capacity
  • Good academic record
Upon successful completion of this program, the graduates should be able to:

  1. Perform comprehensive literature reviews of complex topics in business and related fields
  2. Analyse critically research findings and interpret them in relation to existing literature
  3. Design research programs
  4. Select and apply suitable methods for research programs
  5. Analyse data and critically evaluate research findings
  6. Write for publication in academic journals, books and other research outlets