Student Life


It’s a time to challenge preconceived notions and pursue your passions. So jump in. Lead a student organization. Discover new lands through study abroad. Join an intercollegiate team. Volunteer in the community. Now is the time!

There’s more to uni life than what happens inside the classroom. Make the most of your opportunity to get involved in campus culture, connect with others and find support to help you succeed.

The University’s tremendous history of pride and spirit has been reflected throughout the decades with campus-wide events and programs. So join in, have fun, and be a part of Santander’s events and traditions. Remembering the past and where we came from grounds us as a community and an institution and where we are today.

Embrace the history of this great university and take part in our traditional events throughout the year. We are always looking for new ideas and new students. Bring your friends along and join in the fun of keeping these rich traditions alive on campus.