Who we are


We are one of the largest, most diverse universities with over 90,000 students, and a further 30,000 studying across 180 countries for Mariano Galvez University of Guatemala.



a) Respect: Value that allows an individual to recognize, accept, appreciate and appreciate their social environment, the environment and its biodiversity, the qualities of others, their dignity, rights and obligations. This value should govern the relations between the institution and the members of the university community and the environment, propitiating and preserving a healthy and healthy environment. 

b) Freedom: Value that guarantees respect for the individual will and implies that each person acts in accordance with his or her opinion, being responsible for their actions and the effects thereof. 

c) Solidarity: Value that implies the intention to help others and society, without expecting or receiving anything in return, assuming a commitment for the common good.

d) Social Responsibility: Integrates the ethical and moral values ​​of society, in the search for social and economic improvement. 

e) Teamwork: Recognizes the value of people and their talent, allowing the integration of the work of a group of individuals to act together, in an environment of trust and respect, sharing knowledge, experiences and information in order to achieve enhance the final results.