Master of Information


The Master of Information program is built on the integrity and success of the program in a way that enables information professionals from a wide variety of contexts and applications to study their craft, interact with one another and leverage one another's expertise in an interactive and engaging learning environment. Our students understand the social value of creation, organization, preservation, and use of a variety of information artifacts and structures ranging from books to complex computing systems.

The flexible curricular design allows future librarians, archivists, data scientists, technologists, designers, knowledge managers and many others to work to develop deep levels of expertise in their chosen craft.  It also offers opportunities for students to cross subject boundaries and engage in disciplinary areas outside their expertise.

The program attracts students with undergraduate backgrounds that range from humanities to computational subject expertise. Within the program space, students are offered many opportunities to build upon their expertise as well as work together in problem solving contexts and engage in areas that might otherwise not be available to them. A librarian or archivist might study data science.  An information asset manager might want to learn about preservation in greater depth.  The combinations build on core strengths while opening other opportunities for exploration.