Bachelor of Business Administration in Production and Operations Management


Professionals who work in operations management are responsible for designing and overseeing functions related to the use of the raw materials, labor and equipment required to produce a marketable product. Their day-to-day tasks may involve project coordination, quality management, and logistics or supply chain control. In order to be successful, managers must be able to predict elements related to supply and demand, solve problems, lead employees and multitask. They must understand the needs of the companies they represent, work well under pressure and be both detail- and deadline-oriented.

Education Information

Educational requirements for professionals in operations management can vary by company and industry, although a bachelor's degree in business or operations management is usually required. Those working in more complicated positions may be required to hold a master's degree in business administration (MBA) with a focus in operations management. Coursework in this field can include finance management, operations control, database management and organizational behavior management.