Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

The four-year Bachelor of Computer Information Systems  program provides a strong foundation in business and management related to information systems. Computer Information Systems are presented as tools for strategic advantage in the marketplace. To facilitate this, course offerings provide computer, technological, and problem-solving skills. The Bachelor of Computer Information Systems program addresses such areas as CASE (Computer Assisted Software Engineering), Networks and Telecommunications, Structured Query Language and Object Oriented Technologies. The objectives of learning Computer Information Systems are numerous.

  • Personal Productivity
  • Programming, Data, File and Object Structures
  • Analysis And Logical Design
  • Physical Design and Implementation with a DBMS
  • Networks and Telecommunications

Career Opportunities

A Bachelor's degree in Bachelor of Computer Information Systems provides the foundation for a wide range of occupations in the computer industry, ranging from the design and development of complex software systems to testing and maintaining existing software. In addition, computer software specialists are now needed in most areas outside the computer industry, including business, education, research, entertainment, the arts and medical fields.