Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering


The objective of the Civil Engineering Program is to prepare graduates to enter and be successful in the civil engineering profession. Graduates are expected to become licensed professional engineers, and to reach responsible positions in a wide range of professional settings including consulting firms, industry or government. As well, this program will prepare students to begin and successfully complete graduate studies in engineering and/or post- baccalaureate education in a professional degree program. The Civil Engineering Program provides breadth in core sub-disciplines and depth in at least one area of specialization.


Civil engineering is the original of the engineering disciplines. With the increase in population, the growing complexity of industries, and changing urban centers, the civil engineer's task is applying science to the control and utilization of the environment for the total benefit of mankind represents a challenge unsurpassed in all of engineering.

The civil engineer often is confronted with conditions so variable and complex that they cannot be precisely defined by science and mathematics. Therefore, a knowledge of the arts and social sciences, as well as the physical sciences, is essential. In addition, because civil engineering requires overall planning of very large projects whose components involve many other disciplines, it is also necessary to have knowledge of management techniques. The goal of the civil engineering degree program is to provide an education that enables graduates to make far-reaching decisions that draw not only from technical knowledge but also from integrity and judgment.