Bachelor in Business Administration


Program Overview

This innovative, collaborative program provides students with the opportunity to obtain a four-year degree in business at our Santander's University. Santander’s Bachelor of Business Administration degree means students can meet employer demands for candidates who are well diversified and flexible. The BBA program has been conceived on the premise that exposure to disciplines other than business is desirable for careers in management and for balanced development of the individual. 

Career Propects

Banking, chartered accounting, government, investments, financial planning, private enterprise, etc.

Relevant Graduate Study Opportunities at Santander:

Master of Business Administration

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements based on courses:
  • 1 English
  • 2 maths
  • 3 other courses
  • Minimum average of 70%

Students presenting equivalent qualifications will also be considered for admission. Students who do not meet the language or mathematics requirement may be admitted on an individual basis but will be required to include courses in these subjects during their first 30 credits. Mature applicants may also be considered for admission to this program providing their previous school performance and/or recent work record suggests a strong possibility of academic success. 

Graduation Requirement

In order to graduate with a BBA degree, a student must:
  • Satisfy all the stated requirements for the degree
  • Complete 120 credits (40 courses) with minimum overall average of 60% for regular and 70% for honors degree
  • Complete 63 credits (21 courses) of required courses with a minimum grade of 60% in each course
  • Complete 57 credits (19 courses) of elective courses with a minimum of 12 credits in ADMN (or COMM) and 12 credits in non-ADMN elective courses.
  • Receive a grade of at least 60% in ADMN and COMM elective courses
  • Account no more than 48 credits (16 courses) in 1000 and 9100 level courses

Credits Transfers

Credit transfer opportunities are available from other recognized post secondary institutions and are typically evaluated on an individual basis. Some fast-tracking opportunities also exist.