Postgraduate in Business Administration

Resolution CTF-182-2011 - Approval Date December 23, 2011.

The Postgraduate in Business Administration proposes the training of highly qualified professionals in the application of the contemporary principles of the Administration that, the specialization offers, fulfill a task of transformation of their productive environments.

Applicants to the Postgraduate course must show a high interest in administrative sciences, which will be detected from the entrance interviews and the evaluation of the respective curricula.

Within the previous order of ideas, the Postgraduate in Business Administration will strengthen the leadership skills of the country's leading class, with a "Comprehensive Management" Conception and with the potential to approach with scientific criteria the solution of the problems that raises the Panamanian reality.

Profile of the graduate

Ability to compete permanently with criteria, instruments, strategies, policies, always innovative, facing the changing needs of the national and international environment.

Ability to apply modern systems techniques, depending on the optimization of resources.

Ability to lead the changes required within private organizations, as a strategy for changing society and the Nation itself.